Saturday, August 8, 2009

{Panache and Pizzazz Parties is Born!}

I am so excited! After many late nights planning, plotting, and creating I am finally ready to debut my blog and Etsy shop, Panache and Pizzazz Parties!

So why Panache and Pizzazz, you ask? I feel that if I were to sum up me and my style it would be with those two words. Panache: distinctive and stylish elegance. Pizzazz: the activeness of an energetic personality. I like to think of it as Classy, and just a little bit Sassy! Hence why Panache and Pizzazz Parties was born.

With this grand opening I am debuting 10 of my Shower Cakes, 4 Bridal Shower Cakes and 6 Diaper Cakes. I am also working on several collections of Partyware that will include custom banners, party hats, cupcake and cake toppers, invitations, and party favors. Watch for my first collection to come out early next week! It has been busy busy lately, but I LOVE it. Besides being a Wife and Mommy, Party Planning and creating are some of my all time favorite things to do!

I just want to say thanks to my husband and kids for being so patient and understanding with me these last few weeks as I have semi-neglected them and some of my 'duties' while busily finishing my blog and projects. As for my husband, I am SO grateful for your expertise advice (bringing me back to reality when I needed it), help, and most importantly support as you help me realize one of my dreams.

Now...lets party! :)


  1. Congratulations Rachael!
    What an exciting thing... Best wishes at fingers crossed!